At some point in time, almost every home will experience a clogged drain. One can find different techniques to attempt to do away with drain clogs. Some of which may have a negative affect on ones health, pipes, and the environment. We suggest that ones first reaction to a stopped up drain shouldn’t be to utilize a chemical drain cleaner. Sure, they can be successful at clearing a clog, although putting harsh chemicals down ones drains could do far more harm than good, for it might do major harm to drain pipes eventually. The chemicals in several drain cleaners can also build up inside of drain pipes and gradually bring on other troubles too.

Hazards of Chemical Drain CleanersTucson Drain Cleaning

Health Dangers
Chemical drain cleaners may possess bleach and some other unsafe chemicals that can result in a lot of problems in case they get on ones sink or inside of someone. They have the possibility of causing burns, both externally or internally. These types of chemicals produce fumes that may cause respiratory issues, too.

According to Healthy Child Healthy World:
“If it gets on your skin, it can burn you. If it splashes up into your eyes, it can blind you. And, if it mixes with other chemicals (maybe something else you poured into your drain), it can cause an explosive reaction potentially harming you and others nearby.”

If one touches it, be sure to clean it off right away and comply with all manufacturer safety measures. They can be deadly if consumed, as well. If one of these items are within ones residence, please keep them far from small children and animals.

Plumbing and Drain Pipe Risks
Chemical drain cleaners are hazardous to ones plumbing pipes in addition. When they are capable of dissolving clogs from hair and other objects within the drain, they can very easily break down even more than one wants. . . like the plumbing pipes also! Older plumbing is especially susceptible to further problems with liquid drain cleaners. Metal pipes can be eaten away by liquid drain cleaners, and PVC and stainless steel may be damaged also. With time, these cleaners will be able to create holes in the pipes, which obviously will lead to other plumbing challenges, particularly when the pipes are positioned beyond sight. Clogs can and do develop into plumbing leaks which bring about serious water damage to a residence and the potential of mold development, too.

We are unable to stress enough for TucsonĀ homeowners and businesses to give us a call when there’s a drain clog. We have got the appropriate equipment to, first, examine ones drains to find out what the best course of action is to consider, to not simply repair the present blockage, but to make sure that the whole drain pipe is moving nicely. Chemical drain cleaners may open up some of the drain pipe, and that is the reason if ones drain pipes need some drain cleaner every few weeks, there is certainly a much larger problem currently happening which we can deal with. Do not try and deal with it all on your own. We are here to help, 24 hours a day seven days a week or those in the Tucson area with any type of plumbing drain issue.