Though drain odors could appear to be more of an irritation rather than an indicator of a severe drain concern, if harsh chemicals, including bleach are used to combat upsetting smells repeatedly, it’s likely time to get a Tucson plumbing professional to inspect the water lines. Utilizing chemicals for smells in drains merely masks the odors briefly, in situations where the scent keeps returning. Such temporary solutions aren’t attacking the root cause and sometimes, could be making it even worse. Keep reading to learn more regarding the different types of drain odors a home owner could be encountering and some likely causes.

Smelling Sewage and Drain ClogsTucson Drain Repairs

One potential smelly drain culprit could be a clog, especially if the odor is potent in the kitchen area or primary restroom. Smelling sewage or sewer gas can be an indicator of a blockage. This could mean great news given that sewer clogs generally don’t indicate the water pipes must be replaced. From time to time, if perhaps there is a small clog originating from a house to the external sewage system, the discharge lines could back up. Such a clog in the discharge line could grow until finally the line is totally closed off. Obviously, that could cause poor drainage, as well. To repair the water lines, a Tucson Drain Cleaning expert can be called in to snake the pipe until all of the debris causing the blockage is cleaned out. However, the sewer discharge pipe may also be backed up because of a tree or bush root. If this is the case, the pipe will pretty much absolutely have to be replaced and also the plant taken out.

According to Jay Denman, “If you smell a noxious sewer-like odor inside your home, chances are it is sewer gas escaping from the drainage system. Not only does it smell gross, but the methane and bacteria it contains can be dangerous to your health, causing headaches or even more serious ailments.” source

Smelling Gas

Smelling gas out of ones kitchen drain or shower drain could cause worry, reasonably. A Tucson Drain Repair specialist can certainly help figure out precisely what may be the issue. However, this could possibly be an issue involving chemical substances. All the chemical drain cleaning products utilized to unclog, cleanse, and cover up odors in drains can gradually cause the water lines to deteriorate and leak. The smell of gas might be a result of this sort of leak allowing in sewer gas. However, in case a plumbing specialist has established the gas is not sewer gas, one might merely be encountering build up of natural waste or an aged pipe. Unfortunately, in each of those cases, it will be essential to replace the piping. In cases where you currently have copper pipes, we advise swapping them for PVC pipes. Such pipes will help prevent odors, last longer, and function more effectively.

Anytime a Tucson homeowner is experiencing foul smells coming from the drains, we leap into action. Such smells aren’t only annoying for the whole home, but they can also lead to or signify some severe problems within the plumbing. Strong smells might indicate a range of problems that, when ignored, could, certainly, worsen. Don’t cover up drain smells, call us now!